At Zinier, we’re building a modern platform to help companies with large field service teams manage their complex businesses, logistics, and processes. This includes large telecom companies with hundreds, even thousands of technicians who install and repair equipment, to leading satellite companies that provide complex tracking of ship fleets — really, any company that needs to install, maintain, and repair equipment out in the field. 

As we take on the patchwork of legacy vendors in this space, we need someone to be our composer, conductor, and initial executor of integrated marketing campaigns that cut through the noise. We’re of course looking for the essentials — experience running cross-channel campaigns, a penchant for numbers and ROI of our efforts, and ability to work across sales, marketing, and customer success — but more than that, we want you to help push us beyond the typical campaigns you see in the B2B, enterprise SaaS market.

You’ll be critical in helping set the foundation for our marketing strategy and tactics. If you’re ready to help us punch above our weight, we’re looking for you!

What you’ll be doing:

• As the first demand gen hire, lay the foundation for what our programs, campaigns, and tactics are across (or up and down) the funnel, and on the multitude of channels.

• Mix ToFu (not the edible stuff) campaigns, ABM for certain prospects, pipe maturation events, upsell for existing customers — all-the-while targeting prospects across digital ads, emails, webinars, and offline channels.

• Partner closely with Sales to run region, segment, or account specific campaigns, while ensuring timely follow-up on every prospect.

• Track results, determine successes (and failures), and present findings to all stakeholders. Then go back and continuously improve performance and shift strategies and tactics if needed.

• Manage all the logistics, budgeting, and scheduling of campaigns.

• Live inside the numbers to help drive strategy, but also bring some of the “art” of marketing to create campaigns that stand out.

What we’d like you to bring:

• 3+ years experience in a growth marketing / demand gen role.

• Deep expertise in paid digital, in particular AdWords and LinkedIn.

• Ran ABM programs in partnership with Sales to not only build pipeline, but also mature and accelerate deals to close.

• Capability to manage multiple ongoing and one-off projects at once, diving deep into the details, but also pulling back to understand the strategy and impact. The trees and the forest.

• A love for creative campaigns and tactics that stand us apart from competitors.

• Hand-on knowledge of CRM and MarTech tools (we currently use Hubspot).

• Experience with industry trade shows and closing events is a plus.

• If you’ve worked in Enterprise SaaS or other adjacent industries, it’s a plus.

More about Zinier: We’re a global company headquartered in Burlingame, CA, with offices in Mexico City, Bangalore, and Singapore. Our investors include Accel Partners, Newfund, and StartX.